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Sun Shield Tee

Sun Shield Tee

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Gold Paw Series' Sun Shield Tee is silky soft, lightweight stretch jersey with a UPF-50 rating that blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is not a chemical treatment—it's a mechanical quality of the yarn so the protection won't diminish with washing. Super comfortable indoors and out and perfect for all sorts of applications beyond sun protection too: skin conditions, wound care, topical medications, and it works great as an anti-anxiety calming aid that can be worn all day. They really reduce heat absorption, too! GPS tested it on their black Lab, Luke, out in the sun with an infrared thermometer and found his fur was more than 40 degrees cooler under the Tee than without—it’s wearable shade! Want extra cooling? Get it wet and your pup can enjoy the evaporative cooling effect!

Recommended For: Sun protection, regulating body temperature, indoor wear, outdoor wear, protecting skin conditions or wounds, mild anxiety, and increasing cuteness!

Made in the USA.

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