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Wolfgang Man & Beast

PackLeader Harness

PackLeader Harness

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By Wolfgang Man & Beast. As a modern day road-tripping nomad, Brianna Madia spends her time on the move, in a tough little van, with a mini pack of dogs as her traveling companions. Exploring what interests her, she is unhindered by convention. Unleashed. Together we have created this print to give a glimpse into this colorful life of adventure and individualism.

PRO TIP #1: If your dog's chest measurement falls near the end of the adjustment range of a size (like 29.5-inches, which is the top end of the Large harness), you'll need to make a judgement call. Which way would you like the ability to adjust? Is your dog growing? If you think the Large may just barely fit, go for the XL harness.

PRO TIP #2: Our harness sizes are not aligned with our collar sizes... a dog that wears a Medium collar does not necessarily wear a Medium Harness. Be sure to measure!

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