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Crystal Kit for Dogs

Crystal Kit for Dogs

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Help your best friend be their best self with the healing powers of this crystal kit. Give your pooch a therapeutic massage and incorporate this crystal kit to help aid in healing and ignite the various healing qualities of the crystal kit!*

The kit includes 5 natural crystals:

Aquamarine - Aids in excessive barking, quiets the mind & reduces stress

Rose Quartz - Helps enhance togetherness

Amethyst - Helps deal with illness, skin conditions old age slowing

Clear Quartz - Overall Calming

Garnet - Increased happiness 

These crystal kits were made by The Zesty Narwhal--Sydney, a 13-year-old crystal lover from California. 

The use of stones or crystals as a wellness therapy is one of personal choice. While stones/crystals have been used historically to relieve or prevent various symptoms and ailments, there is no guarantee of results and you should consult your veterinarian regarding health concerns for your pet. Additionally, these are not toys, nor should your pet ever be left alone with them as there is risk of your pet ingesting the stones. If this occurs, contact your vet immediately.

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